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Extentions & Conversions

Something to consider before extending your house

Many more people these days are choosing to extend their homes as opposed to moving to a larger property. So, before starting any project we need to consider design, construction, and planning.

Your Neighbours ‘Right to Light’

Do your plans restrict light entering a neighbours window, or block a nice view? If so, they could try to stop you building an extention by applying for a Right to Light restriction. This may override the planning permission you already have in place. It does not mean that your project cannot go ahead, but it must be noted in the planning considerations. This usually applies in city centre builds where buildings are in close proximity.

Site Insurance

Always speak to your buildings insurance provider before undertaking any structural or renovation work on your home. You will need additional insurance whilst the project is ongoing. Check that the insurance also covers for natural events such as storm, fire and flood damage. And, if you will be leaving the house empty during the build you may require unoccupied buildings insurance.

Building Regulations

You must get building regulation approval for:

  • Kitchen extentions
  • Bedroom extensions
  • Lounge extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Removal of load-bearing walls
  • New drainage or waste plumbing (toilets, showers, baths)
  • Chimneys and flues
  • New window spaces

Professional Management Saves Money

There are many more considerations to construction work, please contact us before starting your project. Our project management team could help you save thousands on materials and contractor fees.